What are Multi-stay Hotel Passes?
Multi-stay Hotel Passes are pre-paid bundles of eight (8) hotel stays that can be used at Metropolitan Hotels in Toronto and Vancouver. One pass covers the cost for one night’s stay.

Are there different types of hotel passes?
Yes. Regular Multi-stay Passes can be used at the Metropolitan Hotel Toronto and the Metropolitan Hotel Vancouver but not at the SoHo Metropolitan Hotel. A premium applies for the SoHo Met Multi-stay passes. See current prices.

How do I purchase Multi-stay Hotel Passes?
Passes can be purchased online from a secure web site, from Metropolitan's Reservations Office (800-668-6600), or at the hotel front desks.

Can I buy individual passes?
No. Multi-stay Hotel Passes are available only in bundles of eight (8) hotel stays. However, if you do not have enough passes to complete a stay, we are happy to extend a hotel rate comparable to the cost of the passes. Please speak with one of our Reservation Associates when you make your reservation.

How do I redeem a Hotel Pass?
Hotel bookings can be made at an exclusive URL given to you after you have purchased passes, or by calling Reservations. Once your reservation is made, simply present your pass at check-in. The pass covers the room cost for one night’s stay, as well as all taxes, but does not include any incidental charges.

How do I book my upgrade?
Upgrades will be automatically issued upon check-in at the front desk when available.

How long are Hotels passes valid for?
Multi-stay passes are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.

Are there any blackout dates for using my passes?
No. Reservations are honoured "first come first serve", based on availability of the deluxe room category at each hotel. You are guaranteed availabity up to the last deluxe room booked. Should that category be filled, you may use your passes to stay in a higher room category by paying the difference in rate. Please contact our reservations department for details.

Can I use the passes at any hotel?
No. Multi-stay passes are unique to Metropolitan Hotels and can only be used any of the three Met hotels in Toronto and Vancouver.

I have booked a stay using my Pass and now I need to make changes. How can I make changes?
Changes and cancellations can be made by calling Reservations. If you made your reservation online, you can also change it on our web site.

Can I transfer my Multi-stay Hotel Passes to someone else?
Yes, Multi-stay Hotel Passes are transferable and can be shared with colleagues, friends and family.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS   Prices are stated in Canadian dollars and include GST, provincial taxes (PST or SST) and destination fees exigible on hotel stays. Passes must be used within 12 months of purchase. A cancellation fee of $130 ($200 for SoHo Metropolitan) is charged for unused reservations not cancelled by 6pm on day of arrival. Passes are for rooms in the deluxe category at each hotel property and subject to the availability of that room type at each hotel. Upgrade subject to room type availability. A valid pass must be presented upon check-in. Non-refundable, non-endorsable for cash or other consideration. Lost or stolen passess are the responsibility of the holder.
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